Integrative Embodiment Coaching

The services I offer are a holistic approach to bringing people fully into their bodies.

What does this mean? Starting with the word “holistic,” I am speaking to addressing the individual as a whole. This encompasses the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of self and being.

Being fully embodied is a daily practice of coming into our bodies with greater awareness and new depths. To be integrative in this practice is to bring back the parts of ourselves we have dissociated with, or that have become fragmented, as we’ve journeyed through life.

Remember moving through life with child like awe?

Remember the sensations that would arise as the seasons change?

Are these feelings still alive in your body? Or does this remind you of parts of yourself that have been conditioned to be numbed over the years?

Through Integrative Embodiment Coaching, I create a space for my clients to bring themselves back into an easeful state of feeling in their bodies, aligned and whole.


Integrate our shadows to fully embody our light.


I have a no BS approach in working with my clients. I will always use compassion and kindness in delivery, but I will help you identify things as they are. This will not be a sugar coated, fluffy, “focus on the silver lining” practice. I encourage my clients to confront their shadows with courage, compassion, and adjust to a lens of non judgment. Here, in this space, we are able to integrate all parts of ourselves. To be truly whole we must accept ourselves in our truth, embracing both our shadows and our light. My clients will complete their programs feeling truly empowered, never feeling dependent on the services that I offer.