Conscious Menstruation Programs

This program is offered to menstruators who are currently not taking hormonal contraception. This program is also for parents with children who are coming up on menarche. If you are post menopausal or on hormonal contraception, please refer to the Cyclical Living programs. These programs are designed to bring an initiatory process in connecting our bodies with the cycles of nature.

First, before all else, it is time to release the SHAME and STIGMA that surrounds our body’s menstruation cycle. Just that work alone is life changing. My intention is to help not only release the stigma, but create a deep empowerment in this incredible process. Bringing in the knowing that we are not CURSED but truly GIFTED to have such a force within us.

This is my most treasured offering and one of my greatest passions. Bringing Conscious Menstruation to menstruators (of all gender identities) in a precise, practical, and fully integrated way is my mission in life. When I first discovered this work, every single part of my life shifted and I entered an elevated state of being, bringing exceptional ease and insight into my body. Every person who completed this program has reflected the same life changing results. I have carefully and whole heartedly developed this program to serve those who want to deepen a relationship with their bodies, cycles, and womb.

Whether you have had traumatic menstrual experiences, suffer from intense premenstrual symptoms, feel completely out of harmony with your body, or just want to feel BETTER in your cycle, this is the work that can instantly transform your relationship with your menstruation cycle. Maybe your cycle is not bothersome but you haven’t harnessed the power within it yet. Understanding the natural initiatory process our body undergoes every month is a tool every menstruator should have. This cycle is one to recognize, utilize, and bring consciousness into!

Once moving through the programs sessions, my clients have integrated a practice that will be with them the rest of their lives, and even better, is theirs to pass down to the new generations. Most of this is not new information! Conscious Menstruation is within ancient practices and was part of how we functioned before we entered an age of patriarchy. I look forward to sharing more information about these programs and offerings. Please reach out to inquire more and with any questions you may have!

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