Cyclical Living Sessions and Programs

This program is for EVERYONE!

We have been raised under teachings that take on masculine traits (non gender or sex related) of linear approaches and using the power of force to achieve our goals. This is neither right or wrong, but it has led to a lack of balance in teachings of the cycles we naturally are connected to at all times. We have tide cycles, moon cycles, seasonal cycles, and function every moment under the circadian rhythm. Connecting to our feminine nature (we all embody masculine and feminine qualities) allows us to reflect on how these cycles directly impact us and recognize the various cycles we are moving through at all times.

These cycles are mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Developing an understanding of how to work with our natural cycles relieves PRESSURE and FORCE while cultivating more PRESENCE and EASE within our daily lives.

This program is designed to integrate a more relaxed and magnetic approach to reaching our goals, as opposed to assertive and electric. We never have to work as hard as we think we do to feel accomplished, fulfilled, and enjoy every step of the way. Just by bringing awareness to our cyclical nature, we are able to instantly grow our vision and create new pathways of processing that can optimize productivity. This program focuses on using the stages in nature as a reflective point to moving through our own stages. We will examine and connect with the phases of the moon, the changing of the seasons, and the pulls of the tides to help develop a new relation to our internal processes. Please reach out to inquire more about this service and with any questions you have!

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