About Nikki

My background is in social work with a resume containing many varied client populations from Alzheimer’s disease to substance addiction. During my education at Northern Essex Community College, I took an academic course on Yoga and fell in love with the philosophy. It was clear that becoming an RYT was the next step on my path. I moved away from traditional academia to pursue my passions in other holistic modalities of healing. Before I redirected course, I obtained a degree in Human Services and certificates in Substance/Alcohol Abuse Counseling and Community Support.

Throughout my life I have always been engaged with self transformation, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual practices. Dedicated to intensive programs, apprenticeships, and commitments to my own healing journey I have collected many teachings from various mentors and lineages that have become integrated into my regular practice. Continuing to share the wisdom that has been passed down to me is one of my greatest joys.

Ayahuasca and other plant medicines have been a huge part of my personal path. Being able to bring assistance to others who have journeyed with plant medicines through facilitating integration support is an important calling in my life. There is a deep need for resources for those who have worked with these psychedelic medicines, or have otherwise experienced an abrupt spiritual awakening.

I am a huge advocate for healing through accessing altered states of consciousness. I see these modalities as a direct route to bringing the shadow aspects of self (unconscious/subconscious) to light (consciousness). Plant medicines are still held with reverence to my path but I have shifted my focus to reaching altered states by channeling erotic energy by way of sacred sexuality and Somatic Sex Education (SSE) practices. Through my certification process of SSE, I’ve taken some incredible electives that include trainings on Betty Martin’s “Wheel of Consent” and becoming a licensed instructor in sensual movement with Liquid Motion.

Though I still connect deeply with transpersonal awareness and superconscious frameworks, my practice always brings me back into the body and body intelligence. Allowing my somatic awareness to be my guide and teacher feels to be the most important and authentic pathway to grounding and expanding consciousness.

I am always finding new ways to connect with my passions. The best feeling is being able to take my passions and transform them into offerings that can support others on their journeys. My self work is always ongoing and my commitment to the self actualized path deepens each day. I choose to embrace life as the Mystery School it is and continue to welcome all challenges and blessings along the way!

Degrees, Certifications, and Organizational Involvement

  • Associates Degree in Human Services
    • Certificate in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling
    • Certificate in Community Support
  • Certified Life Coach through Health Yoga Life
  • 200hr RYT through YogaLife Institute
  • Reiki Master of the Usui Lineage
  • Student of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education
  • Board Member (Secretary) of the Nonprofit Organization “Circle of Women International” 2013-2017: Their mission was to help preserve indigenous traditions and weave sacred ceremony into community.
  • Founding Member of BEN (Boston Entheogenic Network) 2016-2017: I have since resigned my position, though still offer support to their leadership team and community.

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