Program Formats and Rates

Discovery Call Session

Discovery Calls are a FREE 45 minute exploration of how we can work together. This is a space where we both can get a feel for each other and ensure it’s a good fit! We will discuss your intentions along with my program offerings to feel out the best steps forward. The time will be honored as a chance to introduce ourselves and get a feel for each other. This will give you an opportunity to be clear (or unclear!) on your needs and also empower choice and voice for the journey ahead. If it does not feel like a good fit for us, I hope to be able to guide you to other resources that may be a better match for you at this time. To book a discovery call, please start by filling out the intake form here and I will contact you through email to coordinate a time. Please check your junk folder if you haven’t heard back from me within 48 hours.

Programs Formats

These formats serve for the following programs: Masculine Initiation Journey, Womb Attunement, Divine Union Within, Sexual Reclamation, and Spiritual Integration

Specialty Program formats and modifications to other programs can be discussed on a Discovery Call.

3 MONTH JOURNEY: Starting at $2,000

6 MONTH JOURNEY: Starting at $4,000

12 MONTH JOURNEY: Starting at $7,500

13 MONTH JOURNEY: Starting at $10,000

Each month includes two 90 minute sessions, an open line of communication through text and email, and additional phone calls for support as needed. Each program is creatively designed to fit your specific needs and desires. You will have a personalized suggested reading list, curated practices, and customized homework assignments that are all created to focus on your soul’s unique path. There is a series of workbooks being developed to support the work of each of these programs! You will have access to the completed product but I ask that you please do not share these tools with anyone outside of the programs.

Intensives are included in the 13 month journey but can also be woven into all other program formats. Please see more information about intensives below.

Additional Half Day Intensives: $800/5 Hours

Half day intensives are set up for individuals who are enrolled in programs and wish to go deeper into restoration and ceremony. Each intensive is custom built to work with your intentions and bring in all layers of self (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual) for deep healing and transformation. These intensives may include mild plant medicines, such as cacao or kava.

We will work with what your spirit is calling in to help bring forward energetic activations and sustainable elevation. We will use ritual to create shifts in the subconscious by using the power of metaphor, symbolism, and alchemy. There are preparations to be done before these intensives and also integration to be held after.

If you are not currently enrolled in a program but interested in ceremony or intensives, please reach out through the intake form and we will set up a consultation to discuss options.

Payment Plan Options

3 Month Journey: $900 Down Payment and $650/Month for 2 Months

6 Month Journey: $1,000 Down Payment and $650/Month for 5 Months

12 Month Journey: $1,000 Down Payment and $650/Month for 11 Months

13 Month Journey: $1,200 Down Payment and $800/Month for 12 Months

Program Rates

All you need to know about program formats and rates. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, including ways we can modify programs to fit your needs.

Intake Form

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