About Our Container

Dear New Client,

Before we start working together I want to tell you a little more about the space and environment that is created for this journey.

I take an unconventional approach to holding space for my clients. Unlike traditional therapies, a big piece of my work is holding a broader container for my clients. This container encapsulates the entire time frame of the program, beyond just the time spent in our sessions. This means that our time together does not "end" once each session is over. The container is held through my intention, holding the co-created vision, and powered through compassion and belief in my clients. The space that I create and hold is meant for deep transformation and I want to make myself available for my clients and their needs while journeying through their shadow work. Since a lot of this work takes courage, I understand the importance of knowing someone is there for you and believes in you while making vast life changes and taking leaps of faith on the path of self discovery, soul retrieval, healing, and empowerment.

My role is to serve as a guide for you to come into strong alignment with your empowerment embodied. This container serves as the womb to give birth to the next version of yourself. I am a holder of space and doula for the soul. I am here to listen and help process the needs you have and work together to find a way that needs can be met without feelings of sacrifice. This is a judgment free space where we can explore all possible needs and solutions with freedom and liberation of self and soul expression. I encourage transparent dialogue where we confront fear, guilt, and shame in order to transcend these elements and find a way to achieve what we need, want, and desire in a way that is in service for the highest good for all. I want to help support you as you move towards your learning edge to expand yourself without going over and exiting the learning zone. We will explore how to navigate your own boundaries, limits, and edges in safe-enough created space. I am here to respond to your calls and needs to help reflect to you what it looks like to be able to have your needs fully met while highlighting teachings of the art of patience and compassion for self. When we live in a world where we are conditioned to neglect and deprivation, it is very challenging to learn how to self parent and hold ourselves how we need to be held. My role is to help demonstrate compassion and support for you as you learn to embody the qualities you need to parent yourself in an unconditionally loving way. These things take time and patience and that is why our container extends beyond the sessions and into the full time commitment of working together.

What I ask from my clients are a few essential qualities. You need to have an authentic DESIRE for yourself and your growth. There needs to be WILLINGNESS to do the work. Be OPEN to TRUSTING this container and the journey of reclamation and retrieval. BELIEF and PATIENCE in the process are held by both myself and you. Lastly, it takes the elements of HOPE and COURAGE to make the leaps for bold change. With every leap you take I want to assure you that I am here to witness, support, and assist in guiding your process back to your truest, purest, expression of self. Beyond when we meet in our sessions, I spend time in meditation and prayer to support and guide our work together.

I will share tools and assign customized practices that can be taken or left as desired. This is a NO PRESSURE zone so if homework doesn't get done we embrace and celebrate the freedom in not having to do it (this is a practice of breaking free from constructs imprinted by institutional academia).

MOST IMPORTANTLY I am here to help you find alignment with YOUR INNER TRUTH. I have a good navigation system, a large toolbox to pull from, along with plenty of experience in this work through my own journey and assisting many others on theirs. None of this replaces your own inner guidance and intuition. I encourage you to listen to my words, explore the practices AND ALSO be quick to get rid of words and practices that don't feel right for you. Keeping your heart open to finding a path to your UNIQUE and SOVEREIGN truth is essential for this work. I am not here to replace your inner knowing, I am here to support your growth into trusting and accessing clear communication with your higher self. Together we are working to calibrate an internal navigation system composed of your heart, your gut, and your wisdom body.

Thank you for receiving these words and I look forward to our journey together.

Yours in Service,


*Due to the unique nature of this work boundaries definitely look differently than they may between clients and traditional therapists. I do state that I am available for texting and pop up calls but with an understanding that I am obviously not always available as the messages and calls come through. I do my best to get back to each of my clients as soon as possible. I ask for patience and understanding if I am unable to give quality time to respond to each text when they come in. If there is an urgency to speaking I request that you articulate that clearly to let me know so I can prioritize our dialogue being held in quality time as soon as possible.

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