What is Integrative Embodiment Coaching?

“Many roads lead to the path, but basically there are only two: reason and practice.” -Bodhidharma

I offer various programs but each of these roads are ultimately aligned to the same path. Through mindfulness, diverse teachings, and somatic exercises, the work we do together serves as a bridge to enter states of self-actualization. There are many ways to expand awareness and I offer a collection of services to support you along the journey. All of my offerings are here to ensure that you are given the tools and activations that assist in creating sustainable elevations in quality of life and consciousness.

This translates to elevating your awareness, health, energy, emotional intelligence, relationships, success, abundance, while accessing your authentic truth and embodying empowerment. This path is here to align you to your sovereignty while becoming liberated from ingrained pressures and constructs. This path is here to support you in accessing what it is that you TRULY desire from your heart’s center. This path shows you how limitless you truly are while breaking free from the bondage and barriers that have been holding you back from embodying a life full of pleasure and purpose. This is the path of reclaiming your life and building the Empire you were born to thrive in. Welcome home.

My work is spirit guided and heart led.

The services I offer are a holistic approach to bringing people fully into their bodies. What does this mean? Starting with the word “holistic,” I am speaking to addressing the individual as a whole. This encompasses the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of self and being.

Being fully embodied is a daily practice of coming into our bodies with greater somatic awareness and new depths of experiencing. To be integrative in this practice is to bring back the parts of ourselves we have dissociated with, or that have become fragmented, as we’ve journeyed through life.

Through Integrative Embodiment Coaching I create a space for you to access and practice somatic awareness within your body, feeling aligned and attuning to wholeness. This is completely client-driven and client-guided work. I will create and hold the container for you to dive deeper into your own consciousness and activate the pathways to your body’s inner wisdom. Releasing pressure to embrace pleasure! Please read about the container of this work here.


Integrate our shadows to fully embody our light.

Important note: I use a lot of language around “masculine” and “feminine” to address aspects of self that hold polarized energies and properties. These qualities of masculine and feminine are only meant to speak to inner parts of self. Using this language is not to reinforce any of the social constructs that have been created around gender. Every one of my programs is inclusive for ALL IDENTITIES. I am aware of the sensitivities with using this language and want to acknowledge that this may activate triggers for some. I do not support oppression through gender constructs. Through the use of this language I wish to align the Divine Union within each of us.


I have a no BS approach in working with my clients. I will always use compassion and kindness in delivery, but I will help you identify things as they are. This will not be a sugar coated, fluffy, “focus on the silver lining” practice. I encourage my clients to confront their shadows with courage, compassion, and adjust to a lens of non judgment. Here, in this space, we are able to integrate all parts of ourselves. To be truly whole we must accept ourselves and all our facets, embracing both our shadows and our light.

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