Divine Union Within

Divine Union Within

This program is an alignment of the Divine Union within yourself. Throughout history we have been disconnected to our inner masculine and feminine by the polarized concepts of gender. We have been conditioned by relationship constructs to believe that we are not whole without partnership with another being. Even more damaging is the imprinted belief that we are not whole without heterosexual partnership.

We live in a time now where we all have the ability to being fully realized as One within our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. It is time to create union with our inner King and Queen. What does it look like to be in perfect lovership with ourselves? The power of living an abundant and joyful life rests in our hands. It is time to claim the wholeness in perfect union within our beings to support the birth and creation of what we desire in all aspects of life. When we come to embody our healthy and thriving masculine to create support and structure with our healthy and thriving feminine, life takes on another dimension and sovereignty trumps all.

It is time to move beyond the constructs of gender and create empires built by our highest visions. Pleasure, abundance, stability, creativity, passion, and purpose are all alive when we are on the path of divine union. This program will give you the tools and attunements for maintaining this lifelong practice: accessing awareness to the bigger picture at all times and cultivating a trust in divine timing and flow. The love that we have for ourselves is what is reflected in the world around us. It all starts within!

Intensives are included in the 13 month journey but can also be woven into all other program formats.

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