Masculine Initiation Journey

Masculine Initiation Journey

This program is for anyone who identifies as masculine and is at least 18 years of age. Candidates must have a strong desire to go deep within themselves and feel ready to commit to the path of self discovery and transformation. After a thorough intake process I will create a pathway of sessions and intensives that serve each unique person as a rite of passage into their Kingdom and sovereignty.

Rites of passage are markers that create a clear process and symbol for moving into a new stage of life. Throughout indigenous cultures and many lineages that are still alive and practicing, adolescent males are taken on a journey (such as a vision quest) to be initiated into manhood. This provides them with the understanding then they are now held responsible for different tasks as adults than they were as children. It is a “level-up” in their lives to embrace a new state of expanded being. In western culture, we have abandoned this practice leaving our country with a profound lack of uninitiated and unfulfilled men. The line of childhood and adulthood has become blurred, leaving men feeling less empowered with unrealized potential.

This program is created as a rite of passage for those to claim their Kingdom. For those who are looking for an unconventional approach to reaching new levels in life, this program works as a space to be reborn into an empowered, conscious, and holistically fulfilled person. Blocks can show up in many forms, subtle and extreme, such as feeling unmotivated, discontent, lack of creativity, self sabotage, sexual dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression, frustration, and the list goes on. Whatever your blocks may be in life, through this program we will work together to claim back your power and dissolve the energies that are holding you back or no longer serving you.

Intensives are included in the 13 month journey but can also be woven into all other program formats.

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