Sacred Feminine Embodiment Activation

Hello, Womb Keepers!

I am BEYOND excited to be launching this 3 month initiation into the Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine. This course has been years in the making. I have taken my 3 favorite programs (Conscious Menstruation, Womb Attunement, and Sexual Reclamation) and woven them together in a 12 week journey that takes us deep into the body of the Sacred Feminine.

This journey is beginning on April 14th and we will meet on zoom every Wednesday from 7-8:15pm EST (the last day we will meet is June 30th). The sessions are divided into 3 parts: teachings, practices, and interaction. It is essential to be dynamic in the sessions in order for us to truly embody the work and be transformed in the process. After each session you will receive a PDF with focus questions, teachings, practices, and reading recommendations. There will be practices to take with you throughout the upcoming week so it is suggested that aside from the 75 minute video session you also make time for another 1-2 hours throughout the week to continue with integrating and playing with the practices.

Here is the breakdown of the three stages of this initiation process:

The first stage of this journey is to connect you to your greatest source of power, your womb. The Womb Attunement is the foundational step towards reclaiming your sovereignty, creativity, and sexual expression. Our womb is our manifestation center. We may hear the phrase, “As above, so below. As within, so without,” but knowing this expression cognitively is not enough to impact our realities. We need to integrate this knowing into the cells of our being. We need to experience it. We need to embody it. Where most research on the law of attraction focuses on the power of the heart, what is missing is the feminine creative power of the womb. This is another overlook from the masculine lens of perception that has infiltrated spiritual teachings. For men (and all those born with penises), their greatest source of power is within their heart. For those of us born with a uterus, our greatest source of power sits in our womb. This first section of our journey reconnects us deeply to this sacred place where the unseen is born into the seen, where our visions become manifested into the material plane. In the Womb Attunement we will be exploring our connection to archetypes, cycles, and inner magic. We will be learning how to deepen Womb Consciousness and be aligned with our wild feminine nature.

The second stage of this three part journey is structured to reclaim your sexual pleasure. We will be debunking pleasure as a luxury and truly coming to understand it as a necessary part of embodiment. Pleasure allows us to reprogram our nervous systems and remove ourselves from habitual tendencies that hold us back from living the lives that we truly desire. We will be exploring accurate sex education from proper anatomy (we are still in a time where there is confusion about the difference between a "vulva” and a “ vagina”) to the expansion of pleasure throughout our 5 senses. This process allows us to bring the wisdom and power of the womb to radiate through our cells as we reclaim our bodies in whole. Everything in this world is built upon frequencies, all matter is made from frequency and all of our feelings are frequencies expressed. When we begin to attune ourselves to the frequency of pleasure we begin to call in more pleasure in ALL areas of our lives!

The final stage of this three part journey is incorporating our wombs and our pleasure for understanding sacred sexuality and learning the foundations of sex magic. Sex magic is when we are using our vital, life force, sexual, and kundalini energy to align ourselves with the life we desire to live. Through this practical segment you will learn specific breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, and ritual practices that will empower you to become fully embodied with your desire and creative power. This section will be focused on how to understand sacred sexuality through self-pleasure sessions, but you will also be able to bring these techniques and practices to your partner(s). We will be learning how to bridge the quantum world to the physical world by using our sexual energy as the vehicle to manifest more experiences of vitality, healing, love, joy, and elevated feelings into our life.

The cost for this Sacred Feminine Embodiment Activation is $775 or payment plan options of $275/month. Seats will be limited in order to create a personal and intimate container. This will be an immersive journey for those who are ready to truly change their lives and the way they interact with their bodies and with the world.

I am SO excited for this offering. Feel free to message me with any questions. I will be posting a couple videos speaking more about this program in the meantime.

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