Sexual Reclamation Path

Sexual Reclamation Path

Sexual Reclamation is a path for taking back your creative energy and embodying a life of healing through pleasure. This program focuses on exploring Eros as a teacher. People are brought to this work for many reasons including desires for sexual fulfillment, releasing shame and guilt around sexuality, healing sexual trauma, learning more about anatomy and sexuality, and interest in exploring sex magic.

Through this work I will teach you how to activate your own pleasure path and guide you on the journey of sexual exploration, starting with the intimate connection in loving yourself. Through Somatic Sex Education and teachings of Sacred Sexuality, this work activates the most powerful energy we embody. Sexual energy is what we can channel in order to create and manifest all things we wish to experience in this life. Think about it! It is only through SEX that we create LIFE itself! We live in a culture where sex is exploited and shamed simultaneously, which breeds for toxic relationships with our own bodies and sexuality.

By journeying through this program you are given proper, empowered, pleasure-focused education that dismantles the fear-based education most of us have been exposed to. This method of teaching is based in safety, sensuality, anatomy, and pleasure! When we unlock the power of our own sexuality we unlock a life full of presence, joy, gratitude, and an authentic love for ourselves. I invite you to come to your edge and take back your light! This is truly the time for pleasure activism.

Intensives are included in the 13 month journey but can also be woven into all other program formats.

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