Womb Attunement

This program is an activation of the path of the Divine Feminine. The womb is the place of ultimate creation and dissolution. I will guide you on this journey to accessing your divine wisdom and power through the portal in your sacral chakra. This is the place where all we truly desire can move from the realms of the unseen and into the material plane. It is here that we hold the power to heal and alchemize our deepest wounds to turn them into our greatest strengths. Our womb center stores so much trauma, individualized and collective, and by accessing this work we are rewriting not only our own history but our ancestral karma as well.

This program consists of learning about all aspects of the feminine, sitting comfortably within the great mysteries, creating a safe space to be seen and heard, and drawing from the earth’s wisdom of cycles and how they connect and weave into our bodies. This is an attunement to your inner wisdom and navigation system that can lead you into a life full of thrive and bliss. I will guide you through creating a clear channel so you can access your body’s wisdom to shift your reality into one of ease, pleasure, and abundance. There are many paths that lead to our highest potential. Through this path we go deep into our primordial creative power to manifest the life we truly desire and let go of all that no longer serves. This is a true initiation into creating a flow between the feminine archetypes of the virgin, mother, enchantress, and wise woman. This program is not only for people with anatomical wombs! This program is for all genders to connect us to our sacred feminine within. Through this pathway we are bringing ourselves into right relation with our inner High Priestess and Queen.

*Conscious Menstruation teachings and practices are woven through this program for all menstruators who embark on this path! Conscious Menstruation was it’s own program for a long time so there is much information and richness with this work to be woven into the Womb Attunement journey. It is truly one of my biggest joys to share this activation.

Intensives are included in the 13 month journey but can also be woven into all other program formats.

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