Spiritual Integration Sessions and Offerings

Spiritual awakenings and connections can happen when we least expect them and can be loaded with information, sensations, and insights that can sometimes feel overwhelming to be processing alone. These moments can be so private and sacred that it is hard to explain to others in our lives without feeling a bit crazy. Spiritual Integration is offered to create a container for you to digest, process, and deepen your understandings and interpretations of the connections and downloads received. These experiences can be as subtle as connecting with animals in nature and as intense as a sudden kundalini awakening or plant medicine experience.

Varying degrees of spiritual connections happen to us in our daily lives and having a safe, validating space to process them is essential to our growth. Whether you have no spiritual practices at all or you work with tools such as yoga and plant medicines, this is a great place to dive in deeper to understanding connections beyond the surface. I offer an expansive, nonjudgmental space to explore and integrate the experiences that can be challenging in describing to those around us. Please reach out to inquire more about this service and with any questions you have!


Looking to deepen your spiritual practices or even just to feel more connected to your own spirituality? This section is to highlight teachings and offerings to help you develop your own routines that will work with your inner compass to finding the unique path that empowers you to feel more connected to your higher self. I will provide a nonjudgmental container for your spiritual journey to deepen and unfold offering support, reflection, and various instruction.

Examples of concepts, practices, tools and exercises we can explore together:

My role will be to assist to guide you as you develop your own version of spirituality. This is a nondenominational approach which serves as an introduction to help people feel connected or go deeper in their already established spiritual.

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