Nikki has had a powerful impact on my personal, professional, and spiritual life. Her coaching program opened up my awareness to the many moving parts of my cycle and the cycle of the cosmos.

I feel much more connected to my body and my intuition than before I did this program. Her skillfulness, compassion, curiosity, and commitment made the process so enjoyable. I look forward to continuing working with her!

- Leia F, Connecticut

Our first session this week, in one hour, I learned more about my cycle and power as a woman in relation to it, than I ever have. Here I am 42, a sex educator and Tantrika, and I finally learned the keys to being attuned to my cycle, my body, my psyche, and potency in an entirely new way.

She taught me how to actually honor it instead of pushing myself, like the patriarchy, and everything in this culture for the most part is designed and encourages. And to stop bitching about it, too! Nikki’s wisdom and guidance, in one session, brought about a massive change in how I honored my sacred moon time this month.

The results were immediate. I came to understand my “PMS.” I learned about how, and why, I need to set more clear boundaries, and move more inward, which I naturally want to do and often instead let the ‘outside’ override my internal guidance. I have had the deepest, most wonderful time of visioning, of creativity, of actual REST and RELAXATION, of LISTENING. I feel REPLENISHED instead of DEPLETED.

There is so much evolving from this! I am astounded by the changes already! No matter where you are as a woman, getting in tune deeply with your cycles (even if you are not menstruating you still have cycles) is one of the greatest gifts of empowerment you can give yourself.

- Anonymous, MA, Conscious Menstruation Program

I began my mindful menstruation with Nikki a couple of months ago. I was honest with her when I told her I was skeptical about the whole process, but that changed after my first menses.

Nikki began working with me so I could feel into my period and the cramps that came with it and for the second month in row now I have not needed to take any medication for the pain. Also when I was with her for my one on one womb work she helped create a space where I felt safe enough to reach down into the depths of my womb and extract emotions and hurts that I had been holding on to for years.

Nikki is also great about keeping in contact and checking in as well as always being there for you when you need her.

- Alyra, NH, Conscious Menstruation Program

Nikki came in at a crucial time and not only gave me the tools to save me from myself, but also to deal with others at a higher, deeper level - with more care and understanding. It literally feels like an unfair advantage.

- Connor, NH, Initiation Program For Men

Nikki Stearns is a menstrual coach, yet her work can cross genders and really help anyone. She taught me that human beings are cyclical creatures and to be in tune with our cycles is crucial to our happiness.

She created a space for me emotionally after the death of a loved one to feel my grief without barriers. The stress was throwing off everything in my life right down to my period and mental well being. It was tough, but she helped to guide me through it in a really healthy and constructive way.

Completely non-judgmental, compassionate, funny and understanding this woman is a spiritual warrior and healer in many realms. I'd recommend her over traditional therapy any day!

- Nicole, MA, Conscious Menstruation Program

Feeling overwhelmed, lost, and desperate, I contacted Nikki Stearns knowing she could help me. I gave her a run down of what I was going through.

She has since guided me in getting in touch with myself, enabling me to tune into the feelings of my heart, mind and gut along with replacing the toxic self inflicted harshness and criticism loop of punishment that was feeding my anxiety with a reward system, just to name a couple of the things I have accomplished working with her.

- Dean, AUS, Integrative Embodiment Coaching

My name is Alexandra and I recently had a pleasure working with Nikki. Nikki is a great listener, attentive and tuned in. She was not only able to guide me through my process but, also, reflect to me what inner guidance I could use for help.

I have learned a lot about myself as a woman. She was very responsive, always on time and had solid continuity of our work. She does not create a dependent relationship while providing the all support and presence that is required.

Nikki is really good at what she does and I would happily recommend her!

- Alexandra, CA, Conscious Menstruation Program

I would like to honor Nikki Stearns by saying this: If you are in a place where you need to cut through all the b.s. out there around dishonoring yourself with negative talk, actions, or relationships regarding your Moon Cycles…

CALL her. Book your appointment now with this Goddess who truly ‘WALKS HER TALK!’ Her medicine is powerful and comes from her own inner journey of healing. You have my womb-wisdom-word that she is the REAL DEAL and will see the results and FEEL your power come back in your body.

She has integrity, honesty and radiance and you will engage in heart-to-heart conscious communication.

- Christiane Anna Rodriguez of Yoni Rising

Working with Nikki has completely changed my life. When I learned about menstruation, I got the “basics” as most little girls do in the 5th grade. Now, looking back on that education, it makes me laugh. I will make sure that my daughter’s education is VERY different.

We aren’t taught about the magic held within our bodies. We’re not taught how to sink into the feeling and retrieve the jewels of wisdom offered to us there. We are taught that our moon blood is a nuisance to be dealt with quietly.

We’re taught to keep pushing forward in our daily lives and to do whatever we can to make it seem as though we are not menstruating.

Throughout my time working with Nikki I have learned to listen to my body. I’ve learn that the pains of mensuration are a gift. That they’re asking to be sunken into and felt! And through the genuine FEELING of this pain we can actually experience pleasure. <—- that absolutely blew my mind.

My mensuration experience has been somewhat traumatizing. There was a time in my life that I bled every single day for 2 and 1/2 years. I had no idea what was going on with my body. I had no idea how to read the signs.

I knew my body was trying to speak to me but I couldn’t understand what it was saying. I ended up going to the doctor and getting some help but no one could tell me why I was bleeding continuously. It didn’t seem like anyone was really even trying to help me figure out WHY.

Just how to make it stop. The only suggestion from the doctor was to get on birth control to regulate my cycle. This never felt like the right option to me because I was trying to listen to my body. I didn’t want to confuse it with chemicals and muddy the messages that my body was trying to send me.

So I continued on naturally and just tried to do all the natural things I could do to promote a healthy menstrual cycle. This journey was long and I did A LOT to help myself. My body did eventually regulate and I was called to read the book “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant.

This book was the catalyst that made me pray for a sisterhood experience. I learned so much about the sacred feminine from reading this book and it helped me along the path to explore deeper concepts of the sacred feminine that I would never have even known to explore.

After reading this book and praying for a sisterhood experience and I received the most beautiful, life altering experience in the form of a summer solstice retreat. It was at this retreat that I was blessed to meet Nikki.

So many synchronizations led up to me telling her my story, which lead to her inviting me to experience her course and track my moon cycle with her. The conversations that we had during this cycle tracking were SO activating.

She invited me to think about thing’s I had never even considered before. I learned so much about my body and my feminine magic during this time. It’s way too much to write here. You really have to experience it yourself to understand.

I HIGHLY recommend this course if you want to tap into the divine feminine wisdom hidden within you. This is the education that our daughters SHOULD be receiving while experiencing their first moon cycles. I am forever grateful.

Sarah W, Wyoming

I wanted to take a moment to share about some work I just did with my sister Nikki Stearns. I want to share this because when we come across tools, and medicines that work, it's important to share it with one another. Last month I was in a really hard place in my life.

The best way I could sum it up was that I was hitting up against internal walls, running as fast I could into them and slamming my body as hard as I could to attempt to break them down. Yup, that sums it up.

I was in a place where I was feeling stuck, frustrated, and trying so hard to pave a new way in my life, but kept hitting up against the same blocks, the same restrictions, and the continued exhaustion because of them. I had reached a place of surrender. And I knew I needed some support.

I do a lot of work in circles, and in groups, and that has been one of the most potent places of healing for me. I was down in Florida, so I didn't have physical access to circling, and I also felt like I needed some one on one support, to really focus on this.

So I reached out to my sister. Nikki has always held a space for me to share about my sexuality, my pleasures, my romances, both in ways that I was celebrating, and also in ways I was feeling shame and failure. I always felt held with compassion and understanding with her, and also a sternness (yes, that's her last name) and no bullshit feedback that I always appreciated.

So I reached out. My gut feeling was right. We signed up me for four sessions to dive into this block I was coming up against- mostly around pleasure and my sexuality.

One of the most valuable things about our sessions together is that it gave me an opportunity to give attention to something that needed addressing. It gave me permission to spend time, care, and to give love to myself where I needed it.

Nikki was helpful in asking the questions that sank me in deeper to what was alive for me. She offered suggestions, and some useful tools, and mostly, she helped me to find the solutions and answers within myself.

After the four sessions with one another, and the time I gave to myself to work on this pain spot in my life, I feel like so much liberation and healing has occurred. I do not feel like I am smashing up against walls. I feel more dedicated to myself, my healing journey, and my blossoming self love.

I wanted to share this, as an offering to anyone that is feeling like they could give more time and energy to themselves and places where they feel like they are stuck. Here is a way....Find some support, and give yourself the attention you deserve.

Katrina C., Vermont