Wellness, Life, and Embodiment Coaching Sessions and Programs

Let’s work together to create a program outline that works to uniquely support your needs in feeling authentically empowered on your path. Breaking through stagnant walls that are holding us back is essential to living a life in wellness. Whether it feels like you are on the edge of burn out, lacking purpose and feeling depressed, or just ready to embrace more THRIVE in your life, my coaching work offers support and solutions to embodying the life you truly desire to live. Building towards pleasure, joy, and ease while letting go of pressure, stress, and unnecessary weights and burdens is essential to stepping into a meaningful and passionate existence.

Coaching will be facilitated, in person or remotely, while bringing in other modalities of integration work that best support your growth and progress. Utilizing tools, such as meditation, yoga, Reiki, and various holistic practices will be offered, but absolutely not necessary. This is not about creating temporary solutions, this is about obtaining sustainability.

I encourage you to reach out with any questions you have about how we can create a program that best fits your needs! Looking forward to collaborating.

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